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Zeb Lancaster, Ph.D.

Mind- Body-Spirit  Counselor




I offer a variety of approaches to help you come to terms with and move past the obstacles in your life.        Contact me for help to achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

All approaches (except Rolfing) are offered both In-person & On-line

To find out how, set up a free introductory interview. I am happy to explore how my approach

to injuries, emotional growth, and spiritual awakening may apply specifically to your life.


Reveal body & mind's reciprocal relationship.

Awaken body experience of your deepest truths. The body never lies.

Overcome outdated habits of mind & body.

Learn how the body eases suffering & sustains change.

Feel, resolve, and release stuck emotions & core tension.



A two fold approach to Couples Therapy: 

Oriented towards Resolving Conflict. Enhance your ability to use your body's wisdom, your mind's intelligence, & your heart felt emotions to heal and deepen your relationship. Refine boundaries so they don't isolate, impose, or engulf.


 Discover your Intimacy Potential.  Learn to connect with your beloved in mutual energetic harmony. Learn how to awaken soulful intimacy healing to help you realize

what is possible. ​



Uncover the nondual dimension of your being as a tangible body-felt experience of wholeness.

Awaken to your uninjured dimension of being & 

Resolve your deepest injuries that lead to outdated habits of mind and body. 

Realize a spirituality that does not bypass your emotions.


ROLFING® Structural Integration

Life's injuries, physical emotional or mental, have a powerful effect upon your body as they become frozen into the connective tissue of your body. 

Rolfing is a therapeutic bodywork technique that works with the body’s "fascia" to unbind these held injuries.

I offer a gentle approach to Rolfing, with deep bodywork to cultivate balance. I also help you  find stretches, practices and exercises, gait and posture correction for lasting relief. 


Sat on the Rocks


"BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners"

Co-Author of embodied meditative practices for relationship with Self & Others. An experiential journey to uncover the size and shape of your life-energy as a tangible, full body experience. 

Endorsed by Jean Houston PhD

(Passion for the Possible). 




348 N Main St
Ashland, Oregon 97520









        My name is Zebedee J. Lancaster and I go by the name “Zeb.” As a therapist I help you cultivate your innate emotional, physical, and mental resources so you can skillfully manage your life. I combine the intelligence of your mind with the wisdom of your body. Learn ancient body-mind methods with today's cutting edge modalities of personal growth to guide and tailor your healing journey. After more than 35 years of study and practice in the healing arts, my therapeutic perspective draws upon several modalities.

        I live in Ashland Oregon and am co-founder with Candace Cave of the Chakra Garden of Ashland, a nondual retreat sanctuary for personal growth and awakening the nondual dimension of your being. The gardens are an evolving environment intended as support for your inner and outer experience. 

        My approach to emotional health and spiritual awakening draws upon the treatment methods of traditional psychotherapy, somatic (body) psychotherapy, and Asian spiritual traditions. The synthesis of these diverse approaches increases the depth and effectiveness of my orientation.  

        If you are still curious, please email me to set up a free introductory phone interview. I am happy to explore how my approach to recovery from injury and awakening the subtle ground of your being may apply to you.

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