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"Embrace your innate emotional, physical, and mental resources to live your
best life."

Embodied Nondual Meditation

Drop in online community practice open to all


Fridays 11-12 noon ET

followed by 15 min of Q& A 

Previous meditations can be purchased here 

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Abstract painting with red dots that get larger and a yellow brush stroke in the shape of an L. The painting is an original by Zeb Lancaster.


I offer a variety of approaches, all available on-line, to help you move beyond obstacles to enjoy an enriched and freer life. Contact me for a free introductory interview to learn more about

the approach that will help you achieve the outcome you desire. ​​

A black and white abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Explore the body and mind reciprocal relationship

  • Awaken your body's experience of your deepest truths

  • Overcome outdated mind and body habits

  • Learn how the body eases suffering and sustains change

  • Feel, resolve, and release stuck emotions and core tension

A black, white, and red abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Use your body's wisdom, your mind's intelligence, & your heart felt emotions to heal and deepen your relationship

  • Refine boundaries so they don't isolate, impose, or engulf you or your partner

  • Discover your intimacy potential. Learn to connect with your partner in mutual energetic harmony

A black, white, and red abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Uncover the nondual dimension of your being as a tangible body-felt experience of wholeness 

  • Awaken to your uninjured self and heal the root of deep wounds that drive outdated mental and physical patterns

  • Experience spirituality that does not bypass your emotions


Zeb Lancaster

After more than 35 years of study and practice in the healing arts, my therapeutic perspective draws upon several modalities. My approach to emotional health and spiritual awakening draws upon the treatment methods of traditional psychotherapy, somatic (body) psychotherapy, and Asian spiritual traditions. 


As a therapist I help you cultivate your innate emotional, physical, and mental resources so you can skillfully manage your life and attune to the intelligence of your mind with the wisdom of your body. Learn ancient body-mind methods with some of today's cutting edge modalities of personal growth to guide and tailor your healing journey. 


If you are still curious, email me to set up a free introductory phone interview. I am happy to explore how my approach to recovery from relationship injury and spiritual awakening may apply to you.

A picture of Zeb Lancaster
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