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  • Use your body's wisdom, your mind's intelligence, and your heart felt emotions to heal and deepen your relationship

  • Refine boundaries so they don't isolate, impose, or engulf you or your partner

  • Discover your intimacy potential. Learn to connect with your partner in mutual energetic harmony

Experiential Approach

Traditional Western therapeutic models claim that healing emotional injuries happen through a "top-down" process of verbal expression (talk therapy). There, you explore and acknowledge your emotions by talking through concerning, painful past experiences. Yet working with emotional experience in this mental manner is limited. 


A “bottom-up” approach to healing our habitual conflict in relationship, where the body experientially informs the mind, is now confirmed by neuroscience to be the best way to overcome our most difficult chronic injuries. With this approach we discover ways to develop a healthy, vibrant, and fully satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

Couples Conflict Resolution

With clear, direct guidance, I will help you and your partner resolve conflict in a non-blaming, heart-felt way. Your personal truth is never wrong, even if your partner feels differently. Expressing your personal truth in a way that is clear, strong, and open-hearted, takes refinement. I will help you discern and awaken your personal truth and effectively communicate it in a way that works for you both.

Awaken Your Love Potential

Our personal relationships are one of the most profound ways we grow emotionally. The "Love Potential" approach is oriented towards cultivating emotional intimacy in romantic relationships. This approach integrates body, emotion, mind, and spirit, providing a unified approach. In our work together, we will focus on finding what experiences provide coherence and unity in the relationship to create a strong foundation of self-worth and confidence in each individual, while fostering more resiliency, intimacy, and emotional connection within the partnership.

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