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Embodied Nondual Counseling 

  • Uncover the nondual dimension of your being as a tangible body-felt experience of wholeness 

  • Awaken to your uninjured self and heal the root of deep wounds that drive outdated mental and physical patterns.

  • Realize a spirituality that does not bypass your emotions

Embodied Nondual Consciousness

We are all born with an essential nature we can still feel now as an unchanging presence of being. This inborn nature, or essence, is what I call the “unchanging-self.” It lies beneath the projections, artifices, and limitations that result from emotional injury and suffering. The unchanging self is innate and a constant aspect of ourselves that we can readily access within our body. With practice, we find that we can experience both emotional independence (sovereignty) and profound connection simultaneously. I will guide you, combining “embodied nondual meditation,” Western psychology, and relationship counseling, resulting in a body-centered process of emotional growth and awakening.

Wholeness: The co-existing of two selves 

As we refine our senses in meditation our “unchanging-self” can be easily felt as a body experience. By contrast, our “evolving-self” is ever-changing and is shaped by our experiences and relationships. In meditation we find that both dimensions of self can co-exist in "divine embrace," broadening our perspective, awakening wholeness. 

Benefits of the Nondual Experience

Uncovering a nondual awareness of our “unchanging-self” helps us navigate limiting distortions and beliefs. Emotions stem from our nervous system's responses, while our unchanging-self remains steady. When we are disconnected from our unchanging-self, we often feel lost or unsure and unable to be fully authentic. By awakening to our unchanging-self, it becomes possible to engage in relationships without getting entangled in defenses and projections that obstruct the flow of genuine contact.​ Spiritual awakening illuminates our life.

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