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  • Explore the body and mind reciprocal relationship

  • Awaken your body's experience of your deepest truths

  • Overcome outdated mind and body habits

  • Learn how the body eases suffering and sustains change

  • Feel, resolve, and release stuck emotions and core tension

The Body-Mind Approach

What inhibits your personal potential is not just a mind-set but also a body-set of habits that sabotage. 

Somatic Counseling is a form of holistic therapy that explores the body-mind interface, uncovering clues our body provides about our thoughts, emotions, and actions. While talking about emotional issues helps grow clarity by articulating our feelings, only talking about a conflict can be limited. Our minds can over-manage, ignore, suppress, or fail to fully support more empowering responses to deeper feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Alternately, a focus on the body alone can fail to include vital mental or emotional processes and thereby limit resolution of emotional injury. 

The most effective approach incorporates all three levels: mental, emotional, and physical. I work with you to thoughtfully integrate these approaches to healing. Together we will not only address the need to mentally understand how to unravel conflict, but also learn practical body-oriented skills that help develop emotional maturity, freedom, and joy in relationship with yourself and others. 

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