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With more than 35 years of study and practice in the healing arts, my therapeutic perspective combines several modalities. My approach to emotional health and spiritual awakening draws upon traditional somatic (body) psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and embodied nondual meditation. 


As a therapist I help you cultivate your innate emotional, physical, and mental resources so you can skillfully manage your life by attuning to the intelligence of your mind with the wisdom of your body. Learn ancient body-mind methods with some of today's cutting edge modalities of personal growth to guide and tailor your healing journey.

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My Story

I am a relationship counselor, yoga therapist, and a nondual meditation teacher with a focus in experiential, body-centered approaches. Trained as a somatic psychotherapist and now a senior teacher of the Realization Process method and yoga therapist, I have 35+ years of experience and offer a unique approach to health, awakening, and wholeness. My primary emphasis is the use of embodied nondual meditation and yoga therapy for personal growth and recovery from unresolved emotional injuries.


My professional and personal orientation is influenced by my study with the Western yogi Richard Freeman. I became a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher after four years with him in Boulder Colorado. My training continued with Pat Ogden’s two-year Hakomi method program, and subsequent study of her Sensorimotor Psychotherapy method. I then trained with Jack Rosenberg and Marjorie Rand’s method of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) for three years. Upon completion of this training, I taught IBP at the Boulder Colorado IBP Institute for three more years. 


In 2008 I moved to Ashland Oregon, and in 2010 I started training with Judith Blackstone in the Realization Process (RP) method. In 2015 I received certification and went on to become a RP Senior Teacher. In Oregon I also studied with Charles Muir in his Source School of Tantra to support an aspect of my couples counseling practice, teaching intimacy to couples. While I find this form of Tantra to be a valuable approach to working with couples, I now am most interested in taking a more subtle contemplative approach in my therapeutic and spiritual guidance. In 2022 I relocated to Florida to enjoy the tropical climate and finish my book, From Trauma to Wholeness: Embodied Nondual Meditation, Yoga Therapy & Psychology. 


This journey of inquiry has been enriched by thirty-five years of thoughtful processing and meaningful work with clients, while parenting two wonderful, now grown children. 

Contact Me

I offer a variety of approaches on-line. I offer a complimentary interview to find the approach that works for you. Contact me to explore how my approach to injuries, emotional growth, and spiritual awakening, may support your life and relationships.

(After initial contact, Please use the email contact I provide you with.)  

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