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Whole Being Embrace Practice
& Realization Process

7 Stages of Growth in Divine Embrace

4-week series focused on healing relationship trauma

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In this 4-part workshop, you’ll learn to customize your meditation practice to address childhood trauma patterns by working with the seven chakras.


Each chakra embodies an essential quality of ourselves, which can be directly tied to psychology’s model of primary stages of child growth. Understanding this connection provides insights into shaping the nature of your therapeutic contemplative practice. 


For example, if you experienced emotional abandonment as a child, you would attune to the chakras during meditation with a different orientation than if you experienced emotional invasion as a child. Your practice also has a different orientation depending on what stage of growth you got injured most. 


In this workshop, we’ll use Realization Process practices to explore a tailored method to an embodied experience with the chakras, adapting the approach depending on the type of trauma you experienced in childhood. 


By addressing childhood trauma in this way, you will be able to face challenges inherent to each stage of growth, heal your deepest childhood injuries that continue to affect you, and return to balance and vitality.

Disentangling Breath

4-week series focused on conscious breath for physical, mental, & emotional health

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This 4-part class aims to deepen awareness of the healing capabilities found in the Realization Process disentangling breath practices. Discover how the power of breath directly helps you change both your physical and mental health.  

Conscious breathing (pranayama) in meditation is a bridge between the mind and body. It is a primary way to awaken a clear embodied awareness of your most subtle energy and the "unchanging-self" at the same time. 


Disentangling breath supports increased refinement of the entire breath/energy system, helping you let go of your attachment and constriction response across all levels of experience. 


Through this workshop you will:


  1. Gradually open yourself to the subtle, nondual unified space that pervades your body.

  2. Allow the energy underlying your thoughts, emotions, and sensations (that can lead to suffering) to flow freely through the unchanging, pervasive unity of fundamental consciousness.

  3. Gain a clear sense of disentangling two dimensions of your existence: the ever-changing experience (your “evolving-self”), from the stillness and wholeness of the unchanging and uninjured ground of being (your “unchanging-self”).

  4. Expand your perspective and tap into a profound sense of support, empowering you to effectively manage that which is most disruptive in your life. 

Realization Process Relationship Workshop

6-week series based on Exploring "The Intimate Life"

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Using the Realization Process practices as your guide, this three-hour RP workshop is for partners of all kinds: Romantic couples, business partners, friends, and family.


Feelings of emotional abandonment and/or being imposed upon can arise from the most important relationships in life. Even the desire to be in relationship can uncover past wounds of separation from our authentic core. This can lead to either boundary problems of merging or emotional distancing from others. Yet your relationships in life can also help you realize the deeper essence of yourself.


Because, defensive strategies and rigidities are shaped in relationship, at some point relationships must be included in the awakening practice to release those defenses. By healing these wounds in partnership, growth is more fully integrated into our lives. Instead of just being a momentary peak experience, it becomes a lasting transformation of consciousness.


In this workshop you will discover a deeper interconnectedness within a unified field of consciousness that transcends individual boundaries. This body experience of oneness is a state of absolute balance of inward and outward contact, inspiring compassion and insight, and having a transformative impact on your relationships.

Through guided meditation you will: 

  1. Understand how to let go of the emotional shields and assumptions that stop you from connecting openly.

  2. Realize that every aspect of you - your emotions, thoughts, and body - is capable of meaningful contact. 

  3. Discover how to know and experience each other, through the internal depth of your being, and not lose the ground of your own wholeness. 

  4. Learn how attuning to a nondual dimension of self supports you to skillfully negotiate the boundaries that you need in relationship. 

  5. Discover how the true meaning of spiritual detachment is the ability to allow life to happen without manipulation or defense, enabling you to be fully open and available in your reception and response within your relationship.

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