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From Trauma to Wholeness

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Discover how to use body-oriented meditation practices to access the subtlest aspects of our nondual existence. This process aids in overcoming relationship trauma and healing from the common injuries that shape our sense of self. 

As we refine our senses in meditation, we quite easily gain access to our essential nature, that innate part of us that has been with us our whole life. This unchanging presence of being is an experience of wholeness that lies deeper than any injury. The embodied relational perspective presented here is congruent with current trends in psychology’s trauma therapy and neuroscience that recognize the value of embodied awareness and relationship for overcoming trauma.

"In this well-written book, Dr. Lancaster draws on an extensive array of traditional and contemporary methods and philosophies to shed light on the relationship between what he calls the “evolving self” and the “unchanging self” of nondual realization."

Judith Blackstone, PhD, author of The Enlightenment Process and The Fullness of the Ground

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Coming Fall 2023

Available for pre order soon 

Co-Author of BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners

A set of embodied meditative practices for relationship with self & others. An experiential journey to uncover the size and shape of your life-energy as a tangible, full body experience. 


Endorsed by Jean Houston PhD 

(Passion for the Possible). 

Currently not for sale


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