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From Trauma to Wholeness

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From Trauma to Wholeness seamlessly brings together the practicality of psychology’s understanding of relationships with the beauty and simplicity of nondual spirituality. 

Tired of meditating for years

only to find old relationship injuries are still there? This book is for meditators who are no longer comfortable transcending personal trauma, objectifying emotions, and feel that bypassing the human condition is not the solution. Learn to overcome relationship trauma by using body-oriented meditation practices to refine the senses and access the most subtle, nondual dimension of being, as a body experience of wholeness. Unlike transcendent spiritual traditions, this embodied nondual consciousness is tangible, does not only lie beyond worldly existence as a celestial awareness, and is the essence of our being, available to all.

Dr. Zeb’s innovative approach to healing trauma brings the experience of wholeness into intimate contact with our deepest wounds, in “divine embrace.” Discover your own divinity to heal, live authentically, and express the joy of including your whole being, dual and nondual, in the healing process. His approach is a timely contribution to the cutting-edge of spirituality and psychology today. 


Dr. Zeb Lancaster, Ph.D., brings over thirty years of counseling individuals and couples, plus his experience as a meditator and yoga teacher, to developing the Whole Being Embrace practice, a radical alternative to current relationship trauma therapy. He employs a distinctive embodied approach to foster healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Dr. Zeb guides online embodied nondual meditations and workshops. He is widely recognized for his ability to nurture the growth of authentic self-expression, heal trauma, and promote spiritual awakening.

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"In this well-written book, Dr. Lancaster draws on an extensive array of traditional and contemporary methods and philosophies to shed light on the relationship between what he calls the “evolving self” and the “unchanging self” of nondual realization."

Judith Blackstone, PhD, author of The Enlightenment Process and The Fullness of the Ground

Co-Author of BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners

A set of embodied meditative practices for relationship with self & others. An experiential journey to uncover the size and shape of your life-energy as a tangible, full body experience. 


Endorsed by Jean Houston PhD 

(Passion for the Possible). 

Currently not for sale


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