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I offer a variety of approaches to help you resolve and overcome the obstacles in your life.

Contact me to set up a free introductory interview and discuss which approach 

will help achieve your desired outcome. ​​

A black and white abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Explore the body and mind reciprocal relationship.

  • Awaken your body's experience of your deepest truths.

  • Overcome outdated mind and body habits.

  • Learn how the body eases suffering and sustains change.

  • Feel, resolve, and release stuck emotions and core tension.

A black, white, and red abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Use your body's wisdom, your mind's intelligence, & your heart felt emotions to heal and deepen your relationship.

  • Refine boundaries so they don't isolate, impose, or engulf you or your partner.

  • Discover your intimacy potential. Learn to connect with your partner in mutual energetic harmony.

A black, white, and red abstract painting by Zeb Lancaster
  • Uncover the nondual dimension of your being as a tangible body-felt experience of wholeness. 

  • Awaken to your uninjured self to  heal deep wounds and manifest your full potential.

  • Realize a spirituality that does not bypass your emotions

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