Realization Process Meditation

& Shaping Shakti Yoga Meditation

 with Dr. Zeb

Online Community Practice

Wednesdays  5:30-6:30 pm (Pacific) 

Fridays 8:00-9:00 am

Learning to Cope Skillfully needs to be an Experience Not an only an Idea. 

Neuroscience now confirms that overcoming unresolved injuries and trauma and your deepest anxiety happens best with a "bottom-up" approach, where the body informs the mind. The embodied nondual meditations of the Realization Process & Shaping Shakti Yoga awakens the most fundamental dimension of your self as a body experience. This provides the inner support to skillfully manage todays health crisis. Ultimately making it all a part of the your spiritual journey. 

Realization Process embodied nondual meditation is a series of simple body-mind practices for realizing your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness as a body experience. The Realization Process is a unique approach to embodied spiritual awakening developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD. As you attune to the primary ground of your being as a body experience, you progressively become free from the habits of mind and body related to depression, anxiety, frustration, and confusion. (For more information about Blackstone’s method, books, classes and trainings:


Shaping Shakti Yoga, self-affirming, life-energy and consciousness awakening  meditations. Shaping Shakti Yoga brings Yoga  contemplative practices together with relationship, with life, counseling of Somatic Psychology. A series of body-mind meditations designed to resolve the two most central influence in your life. Desire and Aversion. i.e. Your desire for authentic meaningful contact when in isolation, and emotional autonomy from unwanted influences. This directly addresses the heart of what is needed in this current health crisis. 

Body/Mind practices for Difficult situations, Challenging people & Sabotaging emotions


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