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Realization Process Meditation

 with Dr. Zeb

Online Community Practice

Wednesdays  5:30-6:30 pm (Pacific) 

Fridays 8:00-9:00 am

Learning to Cope Skillfully needs to be an Experience Not an only an Idea. 

Neuroscience now confirms that overcoming unresolved injuries and trauma and your deepest anxiety happens best with a "bottom-up" approach, where the body informs the mind. The embodied nondual meditations of the Realization Process awakens the most fundamental dimension of your self as a body experience. This provides the inner support to skillfully manage today's health crisis. Ultimately making it all a part of your spiritual journey. 

Realization Process embodied nondual meditation is a series of simple body-mind practices for realizing your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness as a body experience. The Realization Process is a unique approach to embodied spiritual awakening developed by Judith Blackstone, Ph.D. As you attune to the primary ground of your being as a body experience, you progressively become free from the habits of mind and body related to depression, anxiety, frustration, and confusion. (For more information about Blackstone’s method, books, classes, and training: realizationcenter.org).


BodyMind practices for Difficult situations, Challenging people & Sabotaging emotions


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