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        The "pre-subjective" state is a fundamental level of consciousness (purusa/Shiva principle) that not only reveals the primary level of your being and the basis of your spiritual oneness with others, it also awakens a body experience (shakti principle) of your most authentic essential self. 

        As noted, your experience of awakening increases as you let go of your habitual, outdated ways of perceiving and responding to life. Your senses become more refined revealing a more subtle world of energy and consciousness. You awaken to an embodied spirituality. Energy, the principle of "duality consciousness" (prakriti/Shakti), is joined with consciousness, the principle of nondual awareness (purusa/Shiva). You access the primary level of your being as an embodied experience. In this dimension of spiritual essence, you grow simultaneously towards a sense of wholeness in your entire body and  oneness with other people.

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