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Realization Process Meditation &

Yoga Therapy Mental Health Counseling

 with Dr. Zeb​

Online Process Group 

Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:30 am (Pacific)​ 


In overwhelming times of stress and crisis you can feel very alone. The current policy of social isolation, quarantine, and the effects on your family both physically, emotionally, and economically due to 

COVID-19, can easily lead to anxiety and depression. We all react differently to stressful situations.  


Join us in the practice of applying 

 Yoga Therapy & body-mind Metal Health practices 

to your own particular stressful experience.

The Realization Process is a uniquely effective approach. Most meditation practices focus on separating the knower/experiencer from the known/experience. The Realization Process focuses on disentangling the knower/experiencer from the known/experience. This allows the content of experience (thought, emotion, sensation) that leads to suffering, to evolve naturally supported by the unchanging stillness of Fundamental Consciousness. In this way, both dimensions of self can co-exist. This allows our authentic feelings to evolve naturally without disturbing the unchanging ground of your being.


Yoga Therapy & body mind Metal Health Counseling is designed to provide emotional resilience and resolve two of most central influences in your relationship with life: Contact and Breathing room. i.e. Your need for both authentic meaningful contact when in isolation, and emotional autonomy from unwanted influences. Learn yoga therapy and mental health body-mind practices to support you to skillfully manage your relationship with life, find anxiety relief, and maintain a positive outlook. 

This support group applies some of the most direct and effective ways of managing the intensity of your life. Come discuss and practice ways to cope and cultivate support for your self during this time of personal and social crisis.

                                                                 OPTIONS: Sliding Scale Fee 







ONGING: Pay for a minimum of three sessions, then drop-in & pay as you can. 



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