A Body-Centered Approach


 What inhibits your personal potential is not just a mind-set but a body-set of habits that sabotage. 

      The ability to help you understand, come to terms with and truly resolve emotions is my specialty. My approach to solving unresolved issues not only addresses the need to mentally understand how to unravel conflicts, but also learn practical body oriented skills that help you develop emotional intelligence. You learn mind and body skills that you can directly apply to your life. My intention is to help you respond differently to overwhelming situations that keep you thinking and behaving in ineffective ways.

      In addition to traditional talk therapy and problem solving, I draw upon a wide variety of somatic practices informed by somatic psychology and Yoga Therapy. Some of these practices include listening to the body for personal truth, “mirroring” (the body experience of being seen and heard), tracking bodily sensations, conscious breathing, hands-on touch when appropriate, and movement interventions (such as implementing effective physical actions) to promote empowerment and competency. These practices and techniques actively incorporate the body into your therapy, providing a more experiential approach to treatment of emotional injury and trauma.

  A key component to my counseling practice involves understanding the significance of the most important relationships you have in your life (including the one you have with your self). Your self-beliefs arise as a result of relationship with the people you love and who love you back. Thus, a powerful way you are shaped and re-shaped as a human is via how you perceive and respond to your most significant relationships. 

      These interactions leave a lasting impression and often determine how you treat your self. They also influence the way in which you “lose your self,” get overwhelmed, and emotionally triggered. When you do get emotionally triggered you may have a knee jerk reaction to your partner/job/situation (etcetera). I will help you  respond skillfully from a deeper part of your self than your limiting fears and habits