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                                                                           Sacred Union


        Sacred Union is an esoteric way of expressing the union of our duality based changing "evolving-self" and our nondual "unchanging-self" as a body experience. This combination provides a powerful means of overcoming our outdated habits of mind and body related to our biggest injuries in life. We let go of our habitual ways of responding to overwhelming experiences and gain access to a spiritual life. 


    Drawing from the spiritual traditions of yoga and Kashmiri Shaivism nondual tantra, in embodied nondual yoga awakening sacred union happens as a core body experience. One of the ways you access embodied spirituality is through your "subtle core," a central channel that runs through the vertical core of your body (sushumna nadi).


       As embodied awareness of the ground of your being awakens in your subtle core, you experience everything as a mixture of unified consciousness and energy. What you find is that not only can spirituality be experienced as emptiness of psychological content, or a clear through transparency, it also can be experienced as rich with the unchanging nondual qualities of your being. The Sacred Union of these two dimensions of your being happens in each subtle energy center (chakra) along the central core of the body. This awakens personal empowerment as the essential qualities of your being come alive at such a profound level. 


       Embodied nondual experience allows you to actually inhabit your body and fully live and feel and experience life through your body in a way that gives you access to the inner wisdom of the body. What you begin to witness is how the very nature of the present moment reveals your own spiritual self. Your body’s sensory life is a source of the awareness that allows you to look with fresh eyes and listen with open ears. Practicing this perspective allows you to directly perceive your own and other's true and basic nature, without distortion. This empowers you to develop a different relationship with your outdated habits of mind and body that sabotage you. The contemplative yoga practices of embodied nondual meditation awakens you to this sacred union. 



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