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Based on Exploring

"The Intimate Life"


Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave

Using the Realization Process practices as your guide, this three hour RP workshop is for partners of all kinds:

partners (business or romantic), friends, and family members. (2 people in same room Or “pinned” on Zoom)

June (TBA), 9 am - 12:00 pm PT

 Your desire to be in relationship or love can be disturbing and uncovers your wound of separation from your authentic core of life. This can lead to boundary problems of merging (loss of self-contact) and distancing from others. Yet your relationships in life can help you realize the spiritual essence of your self.  In this workshop you will discover that the unified relational field that arises is more subtle and profound than the boundaries of interacting individuals. You experience how the realization of this unified dimension of life transforms all your relationships. This mutual exploration inspires compassion and insight into your relationship with your self and with others. 

 Spiritual oneness feels like a fundamental, unified dimension of consciousness with an absolute balance of inward and outward contact. Within the body you find your most intimate contact with your self and others.

You will: 

1. Experientially learn how relationship helps both partners barriers to individual and communal unity.

2. Learn to disentangle yourselves from the defenses and projections that obstruct the flow of exchange                      between you. 

3. Disentangle your relational impasse, recognize that every aspect of your being (emotional, mental, physical)          is capable of meaningful contact. 

4. See/feel deeper than the surface of your partner, to meet their essence, and open to authentic core-to-core        attunement. Discover how to know and experience each other, through the internal depth of your being, and        not lose the ground of your own wholeness.

5. Ground in your own autonomy even as you meet others more deeply and authentically in the unified                        relational field. 

6. Learn how attuning to this nondual dimension of self supports you to skillfully negotiate the boundaries that           you need in relationship. 

7. Become more adept at love, friendship, and allow for the warm dynamic response of heart-to-heart                       mutuality.

​ Spiritual transformation is often taught as a solitary practice, yet when the true meaning of spiritual detachment is the ability to allow life to happen without manipulation or defense. This allows you to be fully open and available in your reception and response to life. 

Because your defensive strategies and rigidities were shaped in relationship, at some point relationships must be included in your spiritual practice to release your defenses. This allows spiritual realization to not be only a temporary peak experience, but a lasting transformation of consciousness.

SQ 14.jpg
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