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         My interest in Rolfing started as a way to balance my own body from a traumatic automobile accident in my youth. Rolfing® is a process of physical manipulation and movement education. It is a system designed to reorganize the body and enhance its patterns of shape and movement into a more graceful and efficient relationship with gravity. Rolfing balances the entire body and increases freedom and ease of movement. It resolves chronic problems and improves function by releasing and realigning the body’s major segments (legs, torso, shoulders, arms, head) which have succumbed to lifelong patterns of tension and holding.

(i.e.: Injury, illness and emotional traumas leave imprints on our structure, which are seen as strain patterns in the myofascial connective tissue network. The connective tissue becomes tight, bunched up and fibrous to compensate for the stress that it feels due to chronic muscle tensions. Mobility is decreased and pain ensues. This wastes energy and affects the way we feel and the way we present ourselves in the world.)

         To align the body segments Rolfing systematically organizes the body's soft connective tissue network. This connective tissue network, also known as the myofascial system, is "the organ of structure" in the body. It supports the skeleton and soft tissues, positions the bones, determines the direction of muscle pulls and of movement, and gives the body its shape. Rolfing restores mobility and fluidity to the connective tissues. Once better alignment is achieved, gravity helps to give us a lift instead of pulling us more out of balance.

Rolfing Structural Integration
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