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Relationship Consequences


     There are a variety of profound personal and relationship consequences to Embodied Nondual Meditation Yoga. Our work together supports you to face the obstacles to developing this embodied spiritual awareness, such as boundary problems of merging or distancing from others. Most of us have some degree of relationship trauma that gets in the way.

     As you cultivate embodied nondual awareness you grow a heightened felt sense of your internal embodied experience as a unique individual as well as a sense of spiritual oneness with life around you. Accessing this perspective allows you to directly perceive your true and basic nature, without facade or fantasy.

      Your sensory life becomes a messenger that leads you to a tangible experience of your "unchanging-self" (jivatman), the embodied sense of “I Am” (Aham or So-Ham in Sanskrit) that all people can share. This is your “Guru.” With this as an awakened body experience, your chronic tension, cut off emotions and feeling of aliveness, can be felt, explored, resolved and released.

      The qualities of your nondual unchanging-self become a reliable inner reference that supports you to be more resilient and able to cope with intense life experiences in relationship.  As we work together, you will come to recognize that when you feel connected to your nondual states of your being, like value, love, strength, and will, your most challenging habits of mind and body related to your injuries are replaced by spontaneous behaviors of aliveness arise from your core body experience. Here, fear is replaced by trust, anger is replaced by calm strength, shame is replaced by value, heart break becomes true love. You become a grounded presence that is full and naturally radiant. This has a direct positive influence on all your most significant relationships. 


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