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The Body-Mind Approach


       Somatic Counseling is a form of holistic therapy that examines the mind-body interface, the interaction between our body with our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Talking about your emotional issues helps grow clarity as you articulate your feelings. Yet, because your body never lies and your mind can delude you, talking about a conflict can be less responsive to what is really going on. It can over-manage, ignore, suppress, or fail to support more adaptive responses to feelings of anxiety or overwhelmed.

      Alternately, a focus on the body alone to establish a more balanced state can fail to include vital mental or emotional processes and thereby limit resolution of emotional injury and ability to your manifest potential.

        The most effective approach has an influence on all three levels: mental, emotional and physical. Changing your outlook or beliefs can soothe emotions and physical responses. Attending to emotions can calm your body and shift beliefs. Skills to let go of your body’s panic responses or finding ways to behave that can be empowering influences your emotions and can change your beliefs about yourself and other people or situations. I thoughtfully integrate all three of these approaches to healing. 

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