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Awaken Your Love Potential

    One of the most powerful ways we are shaped and re-shaped is by the people we adore and who adore us back. Our personal relationships are a profound way of growing up emotionally.  

    The "Love Potential" approach is oriented towards cultivating emotional intimacy in romantic relationships. This approach actively incorporates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, providing a more unified approach to growth. The emphasis is a "positive psychology" orientation where the focus is on finding what works and what experiences give coherence and unity. 


     You will learn body-mind practices that can help you enhance your strengths, capacities, and resiliency in regards to your emotional injuries that influence your life in relationship. I support you to not only find an alternative way of responding to your most intense and overwhelming experiences, but also maximize your positive states of being. 

    On a personal level, you learn how manifesting your potential is more than a concept, it involves a full body-mind awakening.  You will find that full body-mind awakening is directly related to your ability to show up, understand and skillfully guide your outdated habits of body and mind. 

    In relationship, meaningful emotional intimacy with a beloved involves really seeing and being with him/her and letting him/her really see and hear you and be seen and heard by you. To be known and to know another at a profound level is potentially difficult. Letting yourself be physically and emotionally connected with your partner can stretch your ability to stay in contact with your own sense of what is true for you and the feeling that you can choose and ask for what you want.  There is a way to do this where both partners benefit. 


     In a secure environment you will find the support needed to take the risk to really show up. So rather than wanting intimacy but at a loss at how to cultivate it, valuable alternatives become available. Receiving guidance can be a vital way to move beyond maintenance relationship and manifest your relationship’s full love potential.

    I can teach you how to to open to your whole being, your emotional heart and physical body, so that your wholeness becomes part of the experience of intimacy. This kind of presence can then let you join with your partner in full emotional contact, allowing intimacy to soar. I am an expert at guiding you there. 

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