Experiential Approach


      Traditional Western therapeutic models claim that healing emotional injuries happen through a process of verbal expression and thought in a “top-down,” mind informs body manner. The premise that defines this approach is that within the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship when you fully experience, verbally explore, and acknowledge your emotions concerning a painful past experience, you can change the accompanying thoughts and beliefs and resolve the injury naturally.

      Working with emotional experience in this mental manner can be a helpful in some ways, yet for profound full resolution of chronic emotional injuries or conflicts in relationship it simply is not enough. An approach to healing your habits of conflict in relationship where the body informs mind (bottom-up), addresses our most profound injuries experientially. Neuroscience now confirms this is the best approach for overcoming our most difficult chronic challenges. 

      Emotional injury related reactions, such as intrusive images, sounds, smells, body sensations, physical pain, constriction, numbing, and the inability to modulate your anxiety response, can be haunting. By using body sensation, movement, breath, I help you cultivate body-centered skills to overcome these symptoms. This promotes change in your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, and gives you the capacity to develop a healthy, satisfying relationship.