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The Realization Process

Meditations with Dr. Zeb

Wednesdays  6:30 – 8:00 pm

at Chakra Garden of Ashland

      Realization Process meditation practice is a means of personal transformation and spiritual, nondual awakening developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD.​ The Realization Process is a series of powerful but gentle, precise attunement practices for realizing your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness as a body experience. The embodied nondual meditations of the Realization Process guide you to make deep contact with the internal space of your body. Here you uncover and awakenan authentic, quality-rich experience of your individual being as an undivided luminous transparency, pervading the body and environment as a unity. In this way it integrates a direct process of realizing your nondual unchanging-self with psychological and relational healing. As you attune to the primary ground of your being as a body experience, you progressively become free from the habits of mind and body related to depression, anxiety, frustration, and confusion.


     In this guided embodied nondual meditation gathering, you will learn how to access an aspect of yourself that has never been hurt, that cannot be broken, and that can help you free yourself from physical constraints and emotional wounds. You reclaim your innate wholeness, and experience the deepest contact that you can have with yourself and with other people. As Blackstone says, "Knowing yourself as this subtle, unied consciousness can help you develop sensory and emotional resilience, grounding, self-possession, and self-acceptance. It can also resolve difficulties with attachment and boundaries, by helping you experience oneness with other people without losing inward contact with yourself."

  • Attune directly to fundamental consciousness pervading your body and environment.

  • Live within your body and the subtle vertical core of your body.

  • Deepen contact with yourself and other people.

  • Apply fundamental consciousness and the subtle core of the body to healing from trauma.

    (These meditations capture the essence of Kashmiri Saivism, certain forms of Tibetan Buddhism,

          Mahamudra and Chan Buddhist contemplative practice.)

    (For more information about Blackstone’s method, books, classes and trainings: realizationcenter.com).


These guided meditations are held on a drop in basis

If you give me your e-mail I will notify you of the dates.



Realization Process for Couples

April 26-28 2019

at Chakra Garden of Ashland

Autonomy, Mutuality, & Unity through Embodied Nonduality

                                        Couples in relationship (non gender specific).

                                 Facilitated by Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster, PhD

                                                        More information Soon!


Weekly Online Realization Process

 Facilitated by Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster, PhD

We invite you to join us for 90-minutes at any Realization Process Online Community Monday

Meeting. 3:00pm USA Pacific Time.

       Realization Process is designed for each individual to be their own enlightenment guru.​

Yet, as our practice deepens, we discover:


  • The experience of the field of Fundamental Consciousness is made easier to attune to, and can feel more full, when we practice with others.

  • When we only practice alone, we can unknowingly get stuck in the same patterns of awakening and attuning, thus limiting our wholeness.

  • Simply being guided by another in any of the practices is often enough to help us open to a deeper, more personally insightful, attunement to FC.

  • Practicing regularly with another, or in an RP group, encourages continual deepening of experience and mutual attunement.


We invite you to join us for 90-minutes at any RP Online Community Monday Morning Meeting. 2:00pm USA Pacific Time. Drop in.