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Embodied Spiritual Counseling

& The Realization Process


     I offer a body-centered interactive process of emotional growth and spiritual awakening. By spiritual I mean the nondual primary ground of being, which I call "unchanging-self." You can easily access this as an unchanging experience of the ground of your being and of others. It lies beneath the fantasies, artifices and restraints that cause suffering. Spiritual awakening involves your most fine attunement to your unchanging-self and the world around you. I help you awaken to this spiritual dimension as a means of overcoming the unwanted habits of mind and body that accompany your deepest injuries in relationship. As a spiritual counselor I combine embodied nondual meditation practices, including the "Realization Process" method, with body centered psychology and relationship counseling (life is inherently a relationship).

      The Realization Process, developed by Judith Blackstone, is a means of personal transformation and spiritual, nondual awakening.​ The Realization Process is a series of powerful but gentle, precise attunement practices for realizing your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness as a body experience. These meditations guide you to make deep contact with the internal space of your body. Here you uncover and awakenan authentic, quality-rich experience of your individual being as an undivided luminous transparency, pervading the body and environment as a unity.


      As you attune to this primary ground of your being as a body experience, you progressively become free from the habits of mind and body related to depression, anxiety, frustration, and confusion. This kind of embodiment is an "indwelling" that is more than becoming aware of your body as a vehicle to live in. You allow for the true ability to allow life to flow without manipulation or automatic defense and instead be guided by a deeper truth. You find that this becomes the basis of both your emotional independence and spiritual oneness with your environment. In this way you integrate your spiritual life with your psychological  healing.


     There are a variety of profound personal and relationship consequences to this awakening. 

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