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"Nondual Chakras & 7 Primary Stages of Growth" 

for Healing Relationship Trauma

 with Dr. Zeb




Oriental Lotus

        Explore childhood trauma from the experience of the nondual chakra qualities of self. Chakra qualities correlate with psychology’s model of the primary stages of child development. Contemplating the inherent tasks involved in each stage allows you to engage chakra qualities to heal injuries that continue to get acted out in all important relationships as an adult. In this 4 series workshop we will use Realization Process practices to experience the internal relationship with our childhood development and the chakra qualities.


        Understanding the details of how the chakras correlate with your stages of growth and the nature of the bonding injury in relationship, provides clues about how to design and direct the nature of your therapeutic contemplative practice. This will help you refine the kind of meditation needed and the nature of your practice.

        For example, if you experienced a lot of emotional abandonment as a child your meditation practice would have a different orientation than if you experienced emotional invasion. Your practice also has a different orientation depending on what stage you got injured most.


        Learn to tailor your spiritual practice of awakening the nondual nature of your chakras to specifically inform where you need the most support. 

                                             WHEN: To Be Announced (Inform me of your interest)

                                                                      4 Saturdays 12:00-3:00 PM (PT) 

                                                     HOW:   Online Zoom

                                                     HOW MUCH: TBA

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