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Several times each year I offer a 4 series workshop called

"Realization Process Disentangling Breath" 

Conscious Breath for Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health

 with Dr. Zeb


        This 4-part class is intended to deepen awareness of the healing potential of Realization Process disentangling breath practices.

        Conscious breathing (pranayama) is a bridge between the mind and body. Learn how attending to how you breathe directly helps you change both your physical condition and your mental health.  


        RP Conscious breathing is a primary way to awaken a clear embodied awareness of your most subtle energy system and the unchanging ground of self (being) at the same time. 

       Disentangling breath supports increased refinement of the entire breath/energy system, thereby helping you let go of your attachment and constriction response to all levels of experience. 

        Realization Process disentangling breath opens you more and more subtly to the nondual space that pervades the subtle core and your body, allowing aliveness and breath/energy (the thoughts, emotions, sensations that can lead to suffering) to flow free and unobstructed through the unchanging, pervasive unity of fundamental consciousness. This uncovers a clear sense of disentangling the ever-changing movement of experience, from the stillness of the unchanging and uninjured ground of self (being). It awakens you to your wholeness, broadens your perspective, uncovers an experience of grounded support, and provides the ability to manage that which is most disruptive in life. 

I invite you to join me in Conscious Breathing for Physical & Emotional Health. 

If you are interested, please let me know.

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