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Zeb Lancaster 

Therapeutic Body-Worker 


    I have had extensive experience in a wide variety of body therapies. Graduate of the Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute in 1980. I have since been trained in Reichian Energetics, Postural Integration and Rolfing Structural Integration, and I am a Massage Therapist (lic.#11259). Currently, I only practice manual therapy that addresses structure-function and body life-energy issues. I guide with presence and with an awareness of conscious breathing. My style is gentle and profound. I always meet you with complete respect. 

    I have taught at the Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute and have since led several body-oriented workshops in the U.S. and France. As a long time practitioner of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, I integrate my understanding of subtle body energetics, structure and function. 

    I can work with you fully clothed or at any level of modesty that works for you. 

My sessions last 80 minutes and cost $120

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