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Spiritual Benefits


        On a personal leveluncovering nondual awareness of your unchanging-self as a body experience facilitates you to learn what to do with your subjective distortions and beliefs. In this way, embodied nondual yoga helps you grow the ability to face the moment without your habitual story based on persistent fears and recurring attachments. 


     With the awakening that ensues, you come to recognize that your emotions are reactions, sometimes supportive, while nondual essential states, like wholeness-of-being, love, strength, and awareness are states of being. They are not reactions. Emotion is a response of your nervous system, and nondual essence is not. Your deepest emotions arise due to you feeling cut off from your unchanging-self, not knowing who you are, or not being free to be your true self. 

         As you come to realize the inter-connectedness of existence within the dimension of spiritual oneness, you will discover how outdated yet automatic sabotaging emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations  of your evolving-self happen without disrupting it the stillness of your unchanging-self. This means your unsupportive attachments, habits, and experiences do not fragment your wholeness-of-being.   

         As you realize the dimension of spiritual oneness, you feel authentic and experience life as it really is, alive to yourself and the world around you. This experience of awakening increases as you progressively release your outdated habitual thoughts, internal reactions, and behaviors. Your senses increasingly become more refined revealing a subtle world where everything you perceive appears to be made of energy and consciousness. This naturally reinforces a profound sense of wholeness-of-being.


        On a relationship levelembodied nondual awareness experienced as your unchanging-self, facilitates you to be in relationship without getting entangled in defenses and projections (behaviors and beliefs) that obstruct the flow of genuine contact. You grow the ability to release your anxiety about your desires or aversions for contact.

        Embodied nondual awareness also reveals a sense of unity of self and other. This allows you to see through the surface of people and things to their inner essence. When two people are both attuned to deep levels of inner and mutual contact, they have a sense of being in genuine, core to core contact with each other.

        In embodied nondual experience, as you deepen your attunement to the still, unchanging primary ground of your being, contact with with another's emotions does not lead to a loss of self or a merging of identities and rigid boundaries that is so often a problem in relationship.


The paradox of embodied spiritual oneness with all things is that you inhabit your individual form and your nondual unity at the same time. This way you find both true connection and true distance from others at the same time. This supports both partners to resolve fears around wanting more quality contact and the need for breathing room from what feels like imposing influences and attitudes. 

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