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"BodyMind Boundary for Beginners"

Meditative-type Games
for Relationship with Self & Others


Zeb Lancaster, PhD & Candace Cave

A Self-Health System that brings
The Body & Mind Together as a Tool
You can Shape & Mold into Magnificent Form.
Use BodyMind Play to Invoke Awareness.
Transform all Your Body’s Subtle Sensations.
Athletes do this at the Muscular-Skeletal level.
Yogis do this at the Nervous System level.
Boundary in a Box Adventurers do this 
At the Whole BodyMind level.

Discover BodyMind Boundaries

        Embark upon a Boundary Adventure. Soon you’ll be playing with your emotional responses in a healthy way. Before long you’ll be able to tolerate, indeed relish, higher & deeper levels of emotion. Unleash feelings of intimacy with your daily life. Receive exactly what you have been searching for all these years -THE FULL RAPTURE OF BEING ALIVE!

Jean Houston, PhD (Passion for the Possible) :
“An ingenious teaching tool that breaks the patterns of our old habits & creates healthy boundaries for new ways of being. These are games that exhilerate while they enhance the psychological and social capacities of each player.” 

             Ilana Rubenfeld, PhD (The Listening Hand & The Rubenfeld Synergy Method) :
“At Last! I’ve found a FUN way to discover some important & deep concepts...One way humans develop awareness of their bodymind is through PLAY. Boundary in a Box structures these GAMES in great detail. Follow them in a playful way & you may just surprise yourself & CHANGE!”

About Boundary in a Box

      Boundary in a Box® is a self-health meditative approach designed to support personal growth. The system is presented as a series of meditative-type games ("Boundary Adventures") that encourage self-regulation, healing of old patterns, and emotional freedom from your fears about relationship. 

      Boundary in a Box® meditations guide you to establish a body awareness of your unique sense of self and personal space. You rehearse options and discover how to maintain a supportive body experience when facing difficult situations, with challenging people, and even during overwhelming emotions. 

    The Boundary in a Box® system combines imaginative play with common body-mind meditative practices and simple somatic (body) psychotherapies. This potent combination ("BodyMind Play") helps you establish a sensory experience of a healthy emotional boundary (bodymind boundary).  You will be empowered to make wiser choices in relationship with yourself, as well as with others.  Boundary in a Box® BodyMind Play has a direct and potentially profound effect upon your brain, your tension, and your ability to manage anxiety.



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