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More About Dr Zeb

       I offer several different methods to improve the health of your body, mind, and spirit. My years of thoughtful professional expertise ensures recovery from injury and awakening that meets your needs. You can trust on my direct and caring guidance.


       Talk alone creates a path that is based on idealisms that can over-manage, ignore or fail to support more adaptive body-mind responses to life's challenges. Most of our emotional blueprint (mindset and bodyset) was initially established with our childhood bonding and attachment experiences. For real personal transformation we must include an experiential, body centered approach to health and to spiritual awakening awakening.  

       As a body oriented therapist my primary interest is our relationship with life, with your self and with other people, sitations, substance, etcetera. In thie inquiry I explore the mind/body interface, the relationship between our physical body and our energy, and the interaction of our body with your thoughts and actions. Through meditation, sound, mirroring, movement, states of consciousness, and breath you access your deepest understanding of the solutions to the psychological forces that sabotage your life.

      Psychology is founded upon “duality” based principles that involve the relationship between the cause and effect of what you perceive and how you respond (the building blocks to the "evolving-self"). Psychology’s solutions often involve the understanding that your "evolving-self" is a constantly changing dynamic that results from how you were related to as a child and your current unresolved emotions.  

       Asian nondual spiritual traditions are grounded upon “nondual” principles that are not relationally derived. They offer solutions that are based upon your nondual presence of self. This nondual dimension of your self is experienced as the unchanging, still, universal dimension of your being. The unchanging dimension of self is an inborn/innate aspect of your being.Therefore, while you uncover and awaken your unchanging-self since it is already there, you cultivate and develop your evolving-self as you negotiate our relational life.

       I offer both approaches to relational health and spiritual awakening. By having access to not only your relationally influenced “evolving-self” but also the spiritual dimension of our “unchanging-self,” you can greatly enhance your ability to overcome our deepest obstacles, intimacy in relationship, and awaken a spiritual life. 

Outdated injuries split and fragment our self, and sense of integration, unity, and wholeness. ​

As a spiritual counselor I facilitate awakening unity of mind and body to ultimate expression.

I draw upon simple spiritual embodiment practices and relationship experiences

for solutions to the deepest injuries and habits. 

Professional Education & Experience 

      Zeb Lancaster, Ph.D. is a body oreinted/experiential relationship counselor, an embodied nondual yoga meditation instructor, and a therapeutic bodyworker (gentle Rolfing). Zeb’s therapeutic work is influenced by an avid curiosity that led to personal studies with Jack Rosenberg and Marjorie Rand (Integrative Body Psychotherapy); Judith Blackstone (Realization Process); Richard Freeman (Ashtanga yoga) and Desikachar (yogi); Pat Ogden (Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy); Charles Muir (Source School of Tantra); and 35+ years of thoughtful processing with clients.  

       Dr. Zeb combines these schools of thought and offers a unique embodied approach to health and spiritual realization.  He uses contemplative embodied nondual yoga meditation as an applied form of psychotherapy and self in relationship counseling. His integrated approach will enable you to incorporate, balance, and integrate the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of your existence becomes a real possibility. 

       Raised mostly abroad, in Brazil & France, Dr. Zeb now lives in Ashland Oregon where he paints spiritually inspired art, counsels individuals and couples, and guides workshops & classes.