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More About Dr Zeb

       I offer several different methods to improve the health of your body, mind, and spirit. My years of thoughtful professional expertise ensures recovery from injury and awakening that meets your needs. You can trust on my direct and caring guidance.

Outdated injuries split and fragment our self, and sense of integration, unity, and wholeness. ​

As a spiritual counselor I facilitate awakening unity of mind and body to ultimate expression.

I draw upon simple spiritual embodiment practices and relationship experiences

for solutions to the deepest injuries and habits. 

Professional Education & Experience 


      The short introduction to who I am can be summarizes as, I, Zeb Lancaster, Ph.D., am a body oriented/experiential relationship counselor, yoga therapist, and a nondual meditation teacher. Trained as a psychotherapist and now a senior teacher of Realization Process method, I have 35+ years of experience and offer a unique embodied approach to health and spiritual realization.  My primary emphasis is the use embodied nondual yoga meditation and conscious breathing as yoga therapy for personal growth and recovery from relationship trauma.

      The longer script of who I am begins with leaving my place of birth, Palo Alto California when I was four years old to go live in Uruguay. We were following my father’s interest to go back to his own place of birth.  From there we moved to France following my mother’s desire to return to a place she had lived in her youth. Four years later I went to Brazil for three years where my father acted as an administrator in the Peace Corps. After this I returned to live in France until I was nineteen, whereupon I came the United States to go to college. After a long learning adventure, I am now a spiritual counselor, couples counselor, yoga therapist, and therapeutic bodyworker (“Gentle Rolfing, structural integration”). I have a MA degree in psychology and a PhD in philosophy. I now live in Ashland Oregon where I write, paint spiritually inspired art, counsel individuals and couples, and guide online workshops and classes.  

      My orientation in life and professionally is influenced early in my psychology practice in Boulder Colorado by my study with yoga master Richard Freeman for four years, and I became a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. At that time I became fascinated with Jack Rosenberg and Marjorie Rand’s method called Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). After three years as a student of IBP I taught IBP at the Boulder Colorado IBP Institute for three years. I then trained with Pat Ogden for two years with her somatic form of the Hakomi method and then later studied her Sensorimotor Psychotherapy method. I moved out to Oregon in 2008 and in 2010 I started training with Judith Blackstone to learn the Realization ProcessÒ (RP) method. After five years as a student I received RP certification. I am now an RP Senior Teacher. In Oregon I also studied with Charles Muir in his Source School of Tantra to support an aspect of my couples counseling practice, teaching intimacy to couples.  While I find this form of Tantra to be a valuable approach to working with couples, I now am most interested in a more subtle contemplative approach in my therapeutic and spiritual guidance. 

      This journey of inquiry has been accompanied by thirty-five years of thoughtful processing with clients and raising my two children, currently 24 and 30 years of age.

      Embodied nondual meditation forms the hub of my approach to yoga therapy, individual and couples counseling, and in the workshops I now offer regularly. 

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