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What is Tantra Really?




      The word Tantra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. like most spiritual languages, each word can have several meanings. In one sense, it means “expansion through awareness.” Tantra Yoga practices use breath, sounds, movements and symbols to quiet the mind and consciously guide life-energy. The life-energy generated by Tantra Yoga can be used for healing emotional wounds, pleasure, spiritual enlightenment and sexual healing.

      Tantra offers an antidote to hedonistic sexuality, ascetic spirituality, and our general obsession with the greed of materialism. It integrates your experience of life and spirituality, and reconciles you with your emotional and body based sensory nature. Consequently, Tantra Yoga allows you to live your life honestly, without having to become an ascetic that lives an austere life renouncing habits, simple pleasures, and basic desires.

      The Tantric approach harmoniously integrates spirituality with the mundane aspects of your daily “material” life. It is not opposed to your basic nature and how you naturally want to live your life, one that has a genuine love for the richness that each of us carries within. Tantra guides you to regain a sense of unity through the total acceptance of your essential nature. You find that the experience of oneness and connection you long for is already present within you. You don’t cut off anything that makes you human.

      What you begin to witness is how the very nature of the present moment reveals your own essential nature. You discover that your body’s sensory life is a source of the awareness that allows you to look with fresh eyes and listen with open ears. This is your “Guru.” The sensual qualities you experience in life are messengers that lead you to a tangible experience of your sense of Self, the embodied sense of “I Am” (so-ham in Sanskrit) that all people can share.

      In practicing Tantra, you find that there is a creative role for your desires and passions. You come to a new understanding of passion. Your senses, desires, emotions of frustration, sadness and joy, as well as sexual impulses become an integral part of your spirituality. You evolve through awareness to your body impulsive sensations, finding pleasure and joy in even mundane aspects of life, and cultivating emotional autonomy from underlying fears that run your daily life.

      Tantra practices help you feel as if you have integrated the totality of your human experience. You are free from fear of society taboos, and you honor what you actually feel over your fear based beliefs and negative habits. You leave behind the legacy of guilt you’ve carried with your ancestors, and instead accept your body as a central means to emotional growth and ultimate enlightenment.

                               ©By Zeb Lancaster





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