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What is Tantra?




      The root of the word Tantra yields the word tantu, meaning thread or cord. Tantra practice is the weaving of threads which can form a lattice of intelligence. The thread is composed of three strands of life-energy that are woven together. Simply put:

"ragas"/energetic charge,

"tama"/energetic release,

"satva"/energetic balance.

Tantra practices will help you gain control of these three strands of life-energy so you can open up the central axis of your body.

     In this way you enter with your attention deep into the core of your authentic essential Self and awaken all your chakra energy centers. This heart-felt experience supports you to realize that the ordinary world and the things that you do as you relate to others each day are incredibly sacred.

      This is a process of sensitizing our ordinary sense perceptions so you can become grounded in reality as it is (rather than your personality/ego identity). Tantra is based upon freedom from agenda and instead going deep into the heart of the moment, into the direct experience of reality. In Tantra practice, all judgment is suspended. You look with fresh eyes, listen with open ears, and directly experience what is happening.

      Free from outdated beliefs and anxiety, an immense pleasure and satisfaction starts to flood your body. With a little practice, you begin to live in a continually self-renewing, and fresh experience of pure life. The simplest sensation or common everyday experience holds unlimited depth. This is truly where the heart of Tantra is revealed. You find that Tantra is the art of honesty, and true awe and appreciation for the life process as it is. This level of freedom supports your natural intelligence, your senses and body to awaken.

      This understanding of Tantra makes your life a "continuum," and you into a seamless, integrated, whole person. One composed of qualities of both transpersonal (beyond personal) and mundane individual concerns (both nirvana & samsara). The integration of transpersonal and mundane existence can make, what may seem to be profane, sacred.

      Once you know your essential Self, what you do doesn't mater much. The devoted Shaiva Tantra adherent isn't afraid to openly express lust and love, God and sex, ripped sheets and fine wine, pain and poetry, ecstasy and sadness. As you engage in life, you melt the gold from the ore, and express from your heart.

                                          ©By Zeb Lancaster





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