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Tantra Date Night


7:00 - 10:00 PM




Bring your beloved to Tantra Date Night

instead of dinner and a movie...


For Couples Only

Call for our next 2015 Date Night


Oregon Tantra Sanctuary at

Chakra Garden of Ashland

(Xmas Gift Certs Available)

Join us for a Playful & Sacred Evening to

Explore the Divinely Erotic.

Delight your Beloved & Yourself.

Fall in Love over & over, deeper & deeper,

all evening long.

During this engaging three-hour experience

you can expect to:

  • Uncover a language of contact beyond your ordinary sensual experience.
  • Discover entire conversations of Pleasure as you attune to Union with Love.
  • Learn how to give and receive positive intentions & sensations of love, strength, truth, security, & eroticism.  
  • Weave Tantra principles & practices (i.e. awareness, presence, intention, touch, breath, visualization, & sound) to magnify inner passion, increase sensations of pleasure, & amplify feelings of mutual love.  
  • Connect with Love in ways that awaken sensory experience, heighten erotic desire, & establish deeper mutual connection.
  • Uncover intense moments of meeting in Love. Establish feelings of connection that enhance desire, increase arousal, & reveal a sense of Union.

Tantra Date Night is

a playful, mostly experiential evening

that increases erotic intimacy &

desire between partners.

Tantra Date Night is

appropriate for intimate relationships at all stages. Class size is limited so that

couple-privacy is supported.

No Nudity. $65/couple.


Dr. Zeb (www.DrZeb.com) is an Ashland Counselor, Sex Therapist, & Yogi. His unique body-mind energetic approach is grounded in 30+ years of practice, study, & experience. 

Dakini Candance (www.DakiniCandance.com) is an embodiment guide & a 25+ year practitioner of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Oregon Tantra Sanctuary (www.OrTantraSanctuary.com) is their private healing space in Ashland, Oregon.

Zeb & Candance are both Advanced Certified Tantra Educators (ACTE) with Source School of Tantra Yoga, Maui. 








Dr. Zeb's Sacred Intimacy Classes w/Dakini Candance   

Uncover your potential to love, to be loved, & to be loveable.

Discover that intimacy with another requires honest intimacy with your Self.

Find healthy ways to self-soothe your emotions.

Realize your most authentic Self, your essential nature.

Learn how to be truly present in your body & in the world.

Unbind & re-shape familiar holding patterns of relational trauma & injury.

Become skilled at managing your life-energy to increase pleasure.


To schedule a private session or register for a class:

contact@DrZeb.com - 541-292-9876