The Buddha once said, “If the body is not mastered, the mind cannot be mastered. If the body is mastered, the mind is mastered”    (Moffit  2001).

Sri Aurobindo (1953) explains that we cannot achieve “the life of Spirit fulfilled on earth…unless the body too undergoes a transformation.”




      Spiritual Counseling with me, Dr Zeb, is body-centered journey towards emotional growth and spiritual awakening. I synthesize traditional mindful meditation practices with somatic psychology and relational healing. I have been influenced by years of yoga meditation practices, training in the mindfulness methods of body-centered psychology, and in the last three years training in the Realization Process®, a method of Non-Dual embodiment meditation developed by Judith Blackstone, Ph.D.. I am adept at understanding the language and the ways of consciousness and life-energy.

      The central question I address most is, "How can I use spiritual awareness to heal personal issues." By spiritual I mean contact with our true and basic nature, without facade or pretext, beneath the fantasies, artifices and restraints that distort our real experience. Spiritual awakening involves our most subtle attunement to ourselves and the world around us.

     As a Spiritual Counselor, unlike most spiritual teachings, I use embodiment meditative practices to create a context for you to attune directly to your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness as a felt experience. This dimension gives you access to the primary level of your being and the basis of our spiritual oneness with all other life.

      This state of awareness is pre-subjective, a field of spiritual oneness beyond, or deeper than, our subjective distortion of reality. While in this state, your senses seem to be washes clean of your habitual ways of focusing on your environment, and released from the mental associations that usually accompany perception. In this way, you learn to let go of rigid or fixed organizations of the way you experience and respond to yourself and others. This is true spiritual detachment ("the ability to allow life to flow without manipulation or defenses."- Blackstone, 2011) that has a variety of profound personal and interpersonal (relational) consequences.

      On a personal level, cultivating a pre-subjective state facilitates you to learn what to do with your subjective distortions and beliefs. You grow the ability to face the moment without your habitual story based on persistent fears and recurring attachments.

     With the spiritual awakening that ensues, you come to recognize that your emotions are reactions, sometimes supportive, while essential states, like value, love, strength, and will are states of being. They are not reactions. Emotion is a response of your nervous system, and essence is not. Your deepest emotions arise due to you feeling cut off from your essential self, not knowing who you are, or not being free to be your true self.

     As you come to realize the mutuality or the inter-connectedness of existence, the dimension of spiritual oneness, you will discover how emotions, thoughts, experiences, and responses (shakti, movement, anima principle) can pass through the essence of you (shiva, stillness, animus principle) without disrupting it. So as is said in Zen Buddhism, they leave no trace. You do not manipulate or defend against it. Your body & mind stay open. Your wholeness of being and sense of still inner-peace remains secure and is a reliable source of support

     As you realize the dimension of spiritual oneness, you also have an enhanced experience of existing as a human being. You feel real and experience life as it really is, alive to yourself and the world around you, responding to life with insight, emotions and sensation. This experience of awakening increases as you progressively release your patterns of subjective organization (often outdated habitual thoughts, internal reactions, & behaviors). Your senses progressively become more refined revealing a subtle world where everything you perceive appears to be made of energy (shakti principle) and consciousness (shiva priciple).* This naturally reinforces a profound sense of wholeness-of-being.

      On an interpersonal level, the pre-subjective state facilitates you to be in relationship without getting entangled in defenses and projections (behaviors and beliefs) that obstruct the flow of genuine interaction. You grow the ability to release your mental associations that usually accompany your perceptions, leaving no trace.

      Pre-subjective awareness also reveals a relational field, a sense of unity of self and other. This allows you to see through the surface of people and things to their essence. When two people are both attuned to deep levels of inner and outer contact, they have a sense of being in genuine, core to core contact with each other.

     The embodiment meditations support you to face the obstacles to developing this awareness, such as boundary problems of merging and distancing from others. Because you have a heightened felt sense of your internal experience, spiritual oneness with life around you is not a loss of self, or a merging of identities (so often a problem in relationship). The paradox of embodied spiritual oneness is that you inhabit your individual form and essential nature and find true distance from others, while at the same time you transcend (open) your individual form and find true oneness with others. This supports both partners to resolve their fears involving contact and to cultivate a spiritual union, the ultimate intimacy, symbolically depicted in the West in the Hieros Gamos- sacred marriage myth, and in the East as the union of Shiva and Shakti.  

 *     The pre-subjective state of fundamental consciousness (shiva principle) not only reveals the primary level of your being and the basis of our spiritual oneness with others, it also awakens a body experience (shakti principle) of your most authentic essential self.

      As noted, your experience of awakening increases as you let go of your habitual, outdated ways of perceiving and responding to life. Your senses become more refined revealing a more subtle world of energy and consciousness. You awaken to an embodied spirituality. Energy, the principle of shakti, is joined with consciousness, the principle of shiva. You access the primary level of your being as an embodied experience. In this dimension of spiritual essence, you grow simultaneously towards a sense of wholeness in your entire body and oneness with other people.

      One of the ways you access this embodied spirituality is through a subtle channel that runs through the vertical core of your body (shushumna or the central canal). What you find is that not only can fundamental consciousness be experienced as emptiness, or a clear through transparency of consciousness (shiva principle), it can be experienced as rich with the essential life-energy qualities of your being (shakti principle). Each life-energy center (chakra) awakens personal empowerment as the essential qualities of your being come alive.

      This kind of embodiment is an "indwelling" that is more than becoming aware of the body as a vehicle to live in. It involves discovering the inner wisdom of the body. This awareness wakes up when you live and feel and experience life through your body. When you are centered in your body in this conscious way and there is nowhere else to go, you will begin to realize that you are already your essential self.

     What you begin to witness is how the very nature of the present moment reveals your own essential self. Your body’s sensory life (shakti principle) is a source of the awareness (shiva principle) that allows you to look with fresh eyes and listen with open ears. Practicing this perspective allows you to directly perceive your true and basic nature, without facade or fantasy. This is your inner sacred marriage. Your sensory life becomes a messenger that leads you to a tangible experience of your sense of Self, the embodied sense of “I Am” (So-Ham in Sanskrit) that all people can share. This is your “Guru.” Only then can the chronic tension, cut off emotions and feeling of aliveness, begin to be felt, explored, resolved and released.

      As you work with me, you will come to recognize that when you feel connected to your essential states of your being, like value, love, strength, and will, spontaneous behaviors of aliveness arise from your core body experience. Here, fear is replaced by trust, anger is replaced by calm strength, shame is replaced by value, heart break becomes true love. The qualities of your essential self become a reliable inner reference that supports you to be more resilient and able to cope with intense life experiences.You become a grounded presence that is full and naturally radiant.









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