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        Unleash Sexual Potential

    This class focuses on sexual vitality & depth and strength of our orgasms. Both Western sex therapy and Eastern Tantra sacred sexuality practices will be included as recourses to cultivate your sexual potential.

     Most people think of sex and orgasm as starting and ending with the genitals. By looking at sexuality as an expression of energy, you will be freed from dependence on technique or luck for successful sex.

      Some people have no problem in the sexual area, but have no emotional relationships with their sexual partners, so that sexuality and emotions remain unintegrated in their lives. Although they can perform well physically, their sexual relationships remain unsatisfying.   

      Other people say that their sex lives are just fine, and yet show in their building arousal process that they have difficulty containing their excitement, are unable to release it, or that they have to push to attain release.

      The Unleash Your Sexual Potential class gives you a relational-energetic insight into reasons for unsatisfying sex, and sexual dysfunctions, and men will learn the practice of having orgasms without ejaculating, and women will learn how to have multiple orgasms. You will learn a large variety of techniques including how to breath in a way that unleashes your deepest level of passion.







Dr. Zeb's Sacred Intimacy Classes w/Dakini Candance   

Uncover your potential to love, to be loved, & to be loveable.

Discover that intimacy with another requires honest intimacy with your Self.

Find healthy ways to self-soothe your emotions.

Realize your most authentic Self, your essential nature.

Learn how to be truly present in your body & in the world.

Unbind & re-shape familiar holding patterns of relational trauma & injury.

Become skilled at managing your life-energy to increase pleasure.


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