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                                                w/ Dakini Candance



Intimacy Classes for

Groups & Private 




Tantra Harmonizing for Lovers

Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2016

10:30-12:30pm & 2:00-4:30pm

(Last years class was sold out so

this year we are adding a class)


Relax & Open into the Arms of Love


Discover entire conversations without words as you Attune to union with your Beloved.

During this mostly experiential class we will guide a fun journey to help you connect in different ways intended to heighten intimacy, depth of meaning, and contact.


Uncover a Language of Contact beyond your habitual stories.

Tantra Yoga and Somatic Psychological practices create mutual attunement and energetic body awakening. These playful ancient and modern body/heart/mind tools can arouse desire and magnify inner-passion. 


Share the essential energies of Love to deepen the quality of your Bond.

This 2 ½ hour adventure towards loving connection provides new opportunities to give and receive positive intentions and sensations of love, inner strength and security, truth and sensuality.


Experience what is possible in your Relationship.

Oregon Tantra Sanctuary in Ashland, a safe and supportive small class environment. Privacy is respected as you open into tender moments of sensory and energetic meetings with your partner.









Dr. Zeb's Sacred Intimacy Classes w/Dakini Candance   

Uncover your potential to love, to be loved, & to be loveable.

Discover that intimacy with another requires honest intimacy with your Self.

Find healthy ways to self-soothe your emotions.

Realize your most authentic Self, your essential nature.

Learn how to be truly present in your body & in the world.

Unbind & re-shape familiar holding patterns of relational trauma & injury.

Become skilled at managing your life-energy to increase pleasure.


(All gender combinations are welcome. No nudity in classes.)

To schedule a private session or register for a class:

contact@DrZeb.com - 541-292-9876