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          Boundaries for Intimacy

      When you have healthy emotional boundaries, without over-accommodating or being too selfish, the result is a balanced relationship in which no one is overly dependent or too distant. This is an emotional freedom that creates relationships that are a mutual state of cooperative interaction. In this state of mutuality, all parties listen, contribute, and take responsibility for their own emotions and actions without blame or over-expectation.


“… [Mutuality] demands the equanimity & self-confidence to be fully engaged yet sufficiently detached to assess what’s going on. To be both actor & witness, no longer locked into the roller coaster of life’s ups & downs & shifting attachment, but now taking responsibility…”       Gabrielle Roth 1989


      The intimacy of feeling together while apart and emotionally autonomous (not distant) while connected is a natural outgrowth of mutuality. A mutual relationship that is intimate evolves when you share contact with another person without losing your own emotional freedom or taking theirs away. Your relationship is one of cooperative interaction.

      Mutuality arises from emotional freedom. It is a state-of-being in which interactions are non-invasive because you don’t impose on others, and non-abandoning because you respect others feelings and needs.  It requires acceptance of each person for who they actually are, and not for what you want or expect them to be.

      You recognize each persons’ differences and similarities. And you understand that these can be supported and accepted, but not necessarily solved, fixed, or changed. You recognize that your judgments and biases are your own and you don’t impose them upon anyone else. You don’t hand over responsibility for your weaknesses or expect others to be like you.

     In Boundaries for Intimacy class, you will learn to base your relationship on emotional and energetic boundaries that support emotional freedom from fear, so you can create a supportive environment in which intimacy can grow.


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Dr. Zeb's Sacred Intimacy Classes w/Dakini Candance   

Uncover your potential to love, to be loved, & to be loveable.

Discover that intimacy with another requires honest intimacy with your Self.

Find healthy ways to self-soothe your emotions.

Realize your most authentic Self, your essential nature.

Learn how to be truly present in your body & in the world.

Unbind & re-shape familiar holding patterns of relational trauma & injury.

Become skilled at managing your life-energy to increase pleasure.


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